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Evergreen Promotions is an eco-friendly, promotional products e-commerce company solely focused on selling products that embody our customer’s values of sustainability and anthropogenic responsibility. 


As you’re currently reading this, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing day by day, toxicity in the oceans waters are elevating, and overall health of the environment is decreasing day by day. 

Our purpose is to change that. 

Evergreen Promotions’ goal of an environmentally sustainable future will be attained with every product and promotional item you purchase. 

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “a 50-85 percent reduction by 2050” is needed in order to “avoid irreversible damage to our environment” (Sustainable materials – with both eyes open). This is why every single item you purchase is made of biodegradables, recyclables, low-to-no carbon materials, or reusables. 

By providing insight through our sourcing, supply-chain manufacturing, delivery, customer service, product life-cycle impact, and production processes can guarantee we take climate change seriously, ensuring you that we are fully-committed to saving our Earth.


the quality of being fair and impartial


the job of supervising or taking care of something


doing what is right in a truthful, fair, or honorable way.


wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly


Equity, stewardship, honesty, and constant conscientiousness – these are the pillars that make up the foundation of Evergreen Promotions. With these values in ever-present consideration, we will ensure you are getting a product of sincere quality; that your message is sustained and your values are upheld. 

Admittedly, the pitfalls that promotional products company have are plenty to raise caution. As a fellow contributor to the production industry, we are acutely aware of the role we pose to environmental impact. For instance, there’s an increased carbon footprint due to the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels transported into the air from delivery trucks and vans, waste from packaging may end up in landfills rather than compost centers, chemicals from ink may leak in the environment, and many more insignificant acts that have significant consequences. 

We recognize that we are no perfect solution to the disastrous effects of global warming. We do realize, however, that we are a step in the right direction. 

With our eco-friendly alternatives, transparent processes, and an unbreakable vow to leave you with a better Earth than it was 100 years ago, we will help you change the world one promotional product at a time.

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