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So You Want To Be Anthropogenically Responsible

As an emerging leader in the environmentally-friendly universe, we pride ourselves on our ongoing mission toward sustainability and anthropogenic responsibility.

As an interested customer, you’re probably thinking, What does that even mean?

Good question.

In a nutshell, anthropogenic responsibility simply means human environmental impact. Essentially, our goal is to create a world where our society leaves a positive, lasting, and sustainable future. Sustainability is using natural resources without compromising future generations. Combine both and you have our mission of leaving Earth in better shape than it was 100 years ago.

Why Should I Start?

In recent history, society has not been responsibly inclined. The fossil fuel industry is one of the biggest industries in our economic climate, profiting from greenhouse emissions. Burning fossil fuels produces about two billion tons of carbon dioxide every year, with about $20 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money going to the fossil fuel industry.

Let’s think about that. 20 billion dollars. Imagine how much headway we could make if that went into sustainable energy?

According to an NRDC report, we can cut fossil fuel use by 80 percent by 2050 by:

  • cutting energy demand in half,
  • growing renewable energy resources so that they provide at least 80 percent of our power,
  • electrifying almost all forms of transportation, 
  • shifting to natural resources.

As a global society made up of 8 billion people, we have a social responsibility to think about shifting the climate change narrative. It sounds like a lot, but it’s possible. And it starts with you.

Anthropogenic Infographic

Where Do I Begin?

You don’t need to work in the fossil fuel industry to make a change. All you need to do is start small. One way you can easily do that is that is with us – Evergreen Promotions.

With every product you purchase, you are giving back to the natural environment. Because our products are made of organic, natural materials, keeping carbon, plastic, and other harmful chemicals out of the environment has never been easier. Here is how you can have a direct anthropogenic effect with our product categories:

  • Biodegradable products can be broken down naturally by living organisms, rather than sitting in a landfill for decades to come.
  • Our low carbon products are produced with a little-to-no carbon dioxide impact. We won’t be adding an additional carbon footprint to your products.
  • Reused products fall under recyclable and recycled products. These items are either made of recycled materials or will be recycled after use is done. Rather than adding more trash to the environment, they will be remade again and again.
  • Heirloom products are similar to the reuse category, but rather than being meant for recycling, you can use these products long-term.

There are various kinds of products we offer within each of these four categories that you can pick and choose from. 

By buying a product from Evergreen Promotions, you are being anthropogenically responsible.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just figuring out the world of sustainability or you’re an avid advocate that can’t be silenced, it’s no secret that the only way to change the impact of climate change is to just start. To start thinking responsibly. For some, it’s recycling and for others, it’s planting trees or donating to organizations.

For us, being anthropogenically responsible starts with sustainable products.

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