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Top 6 Tips For Being Eco-Friendly When Going Back To School

School is officially back in session! Before the school year kicks into high gear, it’s easy to fall to cheap deals when it comes to back-to-school shopping. That means affordable plastic, throwaway items, and other nonsensical “jun” that can easily find its way into a landfill. This is when we come in to say: Keep thinking green!

There are so many ways to go back to school in an eco-friendly mindset – all you have to do is start! Here are six tips to stay sustainable while going back to school.

School Supplies

Try to use eco friendly school supplies like pens when you go back to school.

Pens, notebooks, binders – all are popular in the realm of plastic. Even backpacks contain plastic.

According to Arcadia Power, half of the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year is used only once (Arcadia Power). This is why purchasing notebooks, binder, and pens made of natural materials are essential to sustainable success. The more recycled it is, the better! You can even reuse or recycle these products once they’ve been used. Since so much plastic ends up in landfills and oceans, reusing or using recycled sustainable supplies is the number one jot on the to-do list for back to school.

Take the pledge and go plastic-free with us!

Pack Your Lunch!

Shredded Chicken and Broccoli in Tupperware. Try to avoid toxic Tupperware when you go back to school.

Not only are homemade lunches better for you and saves money, but they’re also great for environmental impact. School lunches usually wrap their sandwiches in plastic or pack their salads in plastic containers. While other students are purchasing these kinds of harmful products, a pack lunch from home wrapped in paper or recycled materials is the best option to remain environmentally-friendly. There are even reusable lunch boxes and food containers available.

Other lunch-packing tips include:

  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Use glass cups for drinks
  • Use real silverware instead of plastic cutlery

Carpool and Bike and Bus, Oh My!

Boy With Red Backpack on the Road. Carpooling is the new eco friendly way going back to school.

When cars and buses commute, they release harmful greenhouse emissions into the air – carbon dioxide, methane, etc. And with so many new drivers in high school, there are even more cars in the parking lots and on the neighborhood roads. Not to mention that school bus gas tanks are gargantuan; they can use up to 250 gallons of fuel.

Walking and biking to school are the new transportation essential. You’re arriving to school among the natural environment, thus releasing no CO2 emissions into the air. Carpooling is also a great way since you’re limiting the amount of cars on the road by loading your car filled with family, neighbors, and friends.

Next time you’re on your way to school, maybe bike or walk or carpool instead. The Earth will certainly thank you.


Hangers with Shirts. Hand me downs are the new eco friendly trend for back to school.

Plastic bags are brought everywhere after shopping at the store, old clothes are constantly being thrown away, and landfills are filled with retired clothes and fashion trends.

Take a chance on the environment and go for hand-me-downs!

Handing down your clothes not only prevent plastic in the landfill, but they prevent clothes itself going to a landfill, as well. Since methane is released in the air when non biodegradable and compostable products sit there, it’s important to at least consider that hand-me-downs are essential for your future quality of life.

Don’t hesitate, donate!

Hydrate Responsibly

Woman on Beach with Steel Water Bottle. Try to use steel water bottle to reduce plastic use.

We all know water bottles are a big no. As long as we have oceans, plastic water bottles are a danger. For sustainability success, opt for the water fountain or bring your stainless steel bottle! At Evergreen Promotions, we have our very own durable, reusable Stainless Steel bottle. This refillable bottle is a perfect option for reducing the carbon footprint. Each time you fill up, you prevent one more plastic water bottle polluting the oceans. Click here to find out more. 

Recycled Materials

Teachers – we know you have to buy new school supplies every year. But have you thought about repurposing old supplies? Or maybe buying used from other teachers? As more and more kids are entering the school system, the more supplies will be needed! So before you put more plastic notebooks in the shopping cart, we can totally reuse forgotten notebooks or maybe even look into recycled notebooks – notebooks made from paper products or recycled materials.

Final Thoughts

With school starting up, there’s so many ways you can stay sustainable at school. No matter where you go, treating the earth with care is always an important mission. At Evergreen Promotions, we do our best to give you the best products from the Earth, for the Earth. We have stainless steel bottles, and recycled tote bags and shirts available for purchase for your school year success. 

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