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The Guideline to Ordering Evergreen Products

October 09, 2019 2 min read

Evergreen Product Grid

At Evergreen Promotions, we want to make purchasing your sustainable products efficient and easy.

We have all our products in place (yay!). Now it’s time to order! Below is a step-by-step process that’ll help you on how to order your very first Evergreen Promotions product.

Step 1 - Go to Home Page

Simply go to our home page! Near the top of our page, we have banner that lists all our best customizable products available for purchase. You can pick from hats, two kinds of pens, and our tote bag.

Evergreen Product Grid

Step 2 - Select an Item

Click on which item you’d like to purchase, and the page will direct you to its corresponding customizing page.

For example, if you click on Sustainable Hat, it’ll lead to the Hat page, where you can design your hat to your liking with our one-of-a-kind design tool.

Evergreen Personalized Recycled Hat Product Page

Step 3 - Customize!

After you upload or described your design, include how many you’d like, and it’ll instantly add to the cart!

Evergreen Design Tool With Hat

Step 4 - Shopping Cart

To access your shopping cart, click the cart icon on the top right corner of the website. This will be your Cart page. If items are in your cart, you can proceed to checkout and pay. If nothing is in your cart, you can keep shopping with the provided Continue Shopping tab.

Evergreen Personalized Recycled Hat In Cart

Step 5 - Update or Pay

Your next step will be to update your order or pay. Update your order if you need to make a change. If everything is how you like it to be, click on pay.

Step 6 - Fill

After you click pay, Evergreen Promotions will take you to another page, where you can fill out your information to order your product.

Evergreen Recycled Hat In Checkout

Step 7 - Congratulations!

Once you’ve paid for your product, you’ll receive a confirmation email. And voila! You have your very own Evergreen Promotions product!

Final Thoughts

We hope we simplified the order process for you. If you’re ready to order, click here and you’ll be redirected back to our homepage to start the process. We can’t wait for you to start the Evergreen journey with us!

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