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Top Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For 2019

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season, or if someone on your list only wants environmentally friendly gifts, we have a great selection of sustainable, recycled, reusable, and ethically sourced products that will help you feel good and help protect the earth.


Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Our heirloom and reusable water bottles are engineered to last a lifetime, and they are recyclable if you ever do decide to get rid of them. Hopefully, if you find that you no longer need one of our bottles, you can find someone to pass it on to.

Our bottles replace 2-3 plastic bottles each time you refill them, reducing the need for new plastic bottles to be produced, and saving you hundreds of dollars each year. Add some ice, and these insulated, sweat-proof bottles will keep your water cold and your hands dry all day long.

These can be customized with your logo, or whatever text you’d like. Our laser engraving process removes the powder coating, revealing the highly polished stainless steel below, giving our bottles a unique look and making your branding pr personalization last a lifetime.

We have 25 oz and 17 oz bottles, both in a variety of colors, and you’ll find our pricing to be very competitive. Take a look and order one for yourself, a dozen for your family and friends, or hundreds for your employees and clients.

These are perfect for anyone on your list. Adults and children can use these at home, school, work, soccer practice, the beach… anywhere you can imagine, these durable bottles can go with you.


Eco friendly polo shirts and hats.


All of our shirts and hats are made from recycled materials, namely recycled plastic bottles. And since recycled plastic is cheaper to produce than new plastic, our shirts are affordable, too. We can embroider or your name or logo on any of our clothing products as well.



Eco friendly pens

Our sustainable pens have a body made from bamboo, and the plastic is recycled. Technically a grass, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, making it a very sustainable alternative to wood, yet it can do almost anything wood can do. And our recycled wood pens keep plastic and paper out of landfills and give post-consumer waste a second lease on life. They are customizable and come in a variety of colors.


Eco friendly tote and canvas bags.


Just like our shirts and hats, our bags are made from recycled plastic or cotton. Perfect for grocery shopping or trips to the library, these customizable bags make great gifts.

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