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Our Products Are Here!

We have a fantastic announcement.

Our products are here!

Activate firework sequence.

After a grueling two months of decision-making, vendor-selecting, and other active -ing verb, we have reached our goal of providing you with the best sustainable products from the market to help you conserve our planet.

From environmentally friendly pens to hats to tote bags, our products were selected with care and have an exaggerated emphasis on sustainability. See what we have below and let’s get to business!


We have two kinds of promotional pens available. One is made of all recycled paper, plastic, and reclaimed wood pulps while the other is made of bamboo and recycled plastics.

No matter which pen you buy, it will be made with the intention of a reduced carbon footprint – a product meant for energy efficient sustainability. Not to mention it writes extremely well.

This product provides an engraving option to engrave your desired design!


Our hats, which comes in navy blue, black, and red colors, are made with 100% RPET (recycled polyethylene plastics). With an adjustable strap on the back, they can fit on most consumers heads!

With our easy-to-use design tool, you can custom make your hat order to your choosing.


We have two incredible lightweight shirts available for men and women. Our polo shirt is made of 100% recycled plastics – water bottles, single-use plastics, and straws – woven into the fiber. In fact, each shirt is made of 12 water bottles. It also comes with a collar and anti-microbial fabric.

Our eco-friendly t- shirt is our one-of-a-kind 50-50. This means its 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled. It’s a shirt made of natural materials, and it isn’t processed with harmful chemicals.

Embroidery for any design is available for your personal or campaign marketing use.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are our heirloom product and are a hot commodity. With every bottle you purchase, you prevent three plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

With each bottle, you get custom personalization, a sleek black canvas, and insulation with up to 16 hours of heat temperature for your drinks.

Let’s get our ocean plastic free and clean with our stainless steel water bottles!

Tote Bags

Lastly, we have earth-friendly tote bags, to which we also have two kinds of! Our beige cloth woven bag is perfect for heavy products, since it’s made out of recycled, reclaimed cotton.

The other tote bag is non-woven and made of non-woven recycled PET. Meaning, it’s made of recycled materials and is just like the grocery bag you get from your local grocery store. Even though it’s not made out of durable cotton, you can easily store plenty of products without the risk of tearing.

These reusable bags include handles, and can be either a blank canvas or personalized with your own printed logo, design, image, or custom message!

Final Thoughts

The best part about all these valuable products? Not only are they affordable and have durability, comfort, and premium quality, they are perfect for recycling since all of our products are biodegradable products. A reduced landfill with less garbage is our mission. Instead of adding greenhouse emissions to the natural environment, just recycle!

Like we always say, our products are made with care for you and your events while keeping in mind of the environmental impact. With each product, remember you can embroider and engrave, depending on which product offers what. Just click here to discover the products we have at Evergreen Promotions!

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