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Unlike most products produced for only a one-time-use, heirloom products, or reusable products, can be used for well over a decade.

Before reusable products emerged in popular demand, disposable plastic merchandise circulated relentlessly as a necessary staple to our society. And it never stopped.

Plastic was a phenomenon so profound that it is estimated that about 8 million metric tons of plastic end in the oceans every year (

This is why we are switching gears and providing you with state-of-the-art, redesigned products that prevent harmful substances from circulating through our environments, all of which include: totes, backpacks, stainless steel bottles, polo t-shirts, and pens.

Sustaining our Earth with long-term, environmentally friendly products will not only preserve natural elements, but also improve overall quality of life. With more heirloom products circulating throughout the promotional products industry, less plastic will be put to waste, resulting in cleaner oceans for future generations to come.

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