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Low Carbon

A huge adversary we face in today’s race to combat climate change are greenhouse emissions.

Greenhouse emissions absorb infrared radiation in the air, trapping heat in the atmosphere. With all the heat in the air, climates all over the world are warming drastically. From the Arctic to the Sahara, the world will be affected in some way by the rapidly increasing greenhouse gases plaguing our Earth. It even impacts our weather patterns, animal habitats, and our rising water levels.

Although naturally occurring, CO2 emissions have become one of the main contributors to global warming. Our need to reduce our carbon footprint has never been more imperative – roughly “84 % of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions” and “90 % of the energy consumption” can be retraced back to manufactured products (Low-carbon conceptual design based on product life cycle assessment).

The need for low-impact from greenhouse gases is at an all-time high. Because of the direct correlation to the e-commerce industry and the risk for energy efficiency, manufacturing low or zero carbon products are at the very core of our production basis. We contribute less harmful chemicals and gases into the atmosphere every day when you purchase a low or zero carbon-based product.

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