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Eco-Friendly Halloween Trick or Treat Bag 2019

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Orange - Monster 1
Black - Halloween
Orange - Monster 2

Eco-Friendly Halloween Trick or Treat Bag For 2019!

Stock up on yummy and tasty treats with a Halloween trick or treat bag. This trick-or-treat bag will have you all set for collecting your favorite goodies, whether you're strolling through the neighborhood or heading to a party. When Halloween is over, this reusable trick or treat bag can be folded away and stored in a compact place until the next year's Halloween festivities start up again. Don't forget to recycle your candy wrappers!

  • Product Dimensions: 13" W x 15" H x 10” D
  • Made with recycled plastics, you can live well and live green with our eco-friendly Halloween trick or treat bags.
  • Planet Friendly
  • Quality constructed bag that can last for many Halloweens
  • Besides candy, it holds various items while traveling
  • Hand wash and hang dry only
  • Comes with 2 Free Glow in the Dark Wristbands
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