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How Your Plastic Water Bottle Is Becoming the New Recycled Shirt

We constantly show you how you can do your part in saving the Earth and improving your environmental impact. How about this time we show you how we do our part.

The not-so-secret to our shirts? Recycled plastics.

Each recycled shirt – whether it’s the polo or the t-shirt – sold on our website is made with recycled plastics. In fact, 9 plastic water bottles are included in each Evergreen Polo shirt.

Thousands of plastic is dumped into the ocean every day. Evergreen Promotions is one of many companies that take part in a sustainable alternative in making the natural environment a better place. If we don’t act now, who will?

Here’s how we do it:

STEP 1 – Recycling

This one is the easiest and it’s all up to you! Simply keep putting your plastic water bottles into recycling bins to avoid CO2 emissions. The rest is up to us.

STEP 2 – Reformulation

The recycled plastic from the bin is chopped, grounded, melted, and reformulated into fine particles meant for fiber.

STEP 3 – Fiber

Recycled fiber is then formed. The reformulated plastic is pressed together into thread meant for future sustainable products.

STEP 4 – Fabrics

Fiber is woven into comfortable fabrics, like t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and more. This is when buying local becomes sustainable.

STEP 5 – Sell

Last step? Products are sold to you! Just head to our website to own your Evergreen recycled shirt today and reduce your carbon footprint.

Evergreen Recycled T Shirt Steps To Make Infographic

Add A Little Extra

Want to add more to your shirt? To add your own personal flair, Evergreen Promotions can help put your own design onto the fabric. Here’s how you do it:

  • Send in your design.
  • We design it using our energy-efficient embroidery machine.
  • We send it back for your long-term use and pleasure.

Over 15 billion bottles have been recycled with this process, and our bottle count increases every minute. Our social responsibility passes down to you when you wear one of our recycled shirts.

Everyone knows that reduce, reuse, and recycle includes paper and other known-plastic products. Not many know that shirts can be made out of recycled materials. Take the first step in being environmentally friendly for future generations. Click here to check out our Evergreen shirts!

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