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Top 5 Companies Going Eco Friendly in 2019

Evergreen Promotions is one of the many companies emerging with sustainable practices in 2019. With harmful chemicals in oceans and greenhouse emissions in the air, corporations are doing what they can to lessen their environmental impact.

Sometimes it can get overwhelming hearing about climate change every day. We hear more about the harmful damages rather than the efforts to combat the change; we should look forward to the future, not be wary. With that being said, here are five companies that are doing their best to combat climate change and how their efforts are geared toward a livable, natural environment!


Since 2017, Adidas has been making shoes with recycled materials to prevent plastic from entering the ocean. And now, it’s on target to produce 11 million pairs of shoes to protect our seas.

This is all coming from its partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

By 2024, they are also committing to using only recycled polyester. In 2013, an MIT study found that making a pair of running shoes generates enough CO2 emissions to power one light bulb for a week. All these changes come from a desire for a better, sustainable future.


As one of the largest food industry chains in America, McDonalds is fully aware of the environmental impact they have. In 2012, they got rid of foam coffee cups and switched to fully-recyclable double-walled paper containers. In addition, they are partnering with PETA to fulfill their business practices!

SC Johnson

SC Johnson has made many strides to go green. The raw material company let go of 1.8 million pounds of the harmful chemical polyvinylidene chloride from Saran Wrap! In terms of CO2 emissions, they scaled back on coal fired plants with natural gas and methane power facilities, lowering their overall reducing their carbon footprint and improving quality of life.


DuPont has made many environmentally-friendly advances, such as lowering greenhouse emissions and appointing an ex-Greenpeace head to its board. In fact, they lowered greenhouse emissions down to 63%. This shift displays their positive intent for energy efficiency.

Marriott International

Time to whip out your own shampoo bottles, travelers, because Marriott International is eliminating their single-use shampoo, condition, and soap bottles from their properties by the end of next year.

With the removal of 500 million + single-use bottles, 1.7 million pounds of plastic will be reduced. They will keep larger plastic bottles in place, to which they are completely recyclable.

Talk about reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Final Thoughts

Climate change is no laughing matter, and the five companies above take the fate of our future generation as seriously as we do.

Their example is something that we all should follow – even if you are only one person, the best thing you can do is at least try. So next time you’re going on that trip, maybe bring your own shampoo, or if you’re buying your next pair of shoes, see what Adidas has in store.

As always, you can purchase your own eco-friendly, biodegradable products here at Evergreen Promotions!

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